'Shiver me timbers'! 

Appledore Pirates were out in force in Appledore on 8th October 2011 as we celebrated the 
40th Anniversary of the Appledore Pirates
with a party at the Appledore Village Hall.

Past Pirates, Associates, Friends and Helpers of the group were all invited, with a call to take along any old photographs, memorabilia or stories which would help the night along.

Some old videos were also plundered for screening and fun was had by all.

The Appledore Pirates started in 1971 with the simple idea to make a difference in the community by helping people and organisations in Appledore through organising events and activities that raise money which can be put back into supporting Charities and Good Causes. The Appledore Pirates Group is made up of Volunteers from Appledore but anyone is welcome to come and help out.

Since 1971 the Appledore Pirates, Supporters and Sponsors have certainly made a difference over the years raising thousands and this continues to this very day. A variety of events and activities are arranged by Volunteers and sponsored by local businesses with those taking part or supporting the events really enjoying themselves. 

Thank you to everyone that has Volunteered, Helped, Assisted and Contributed to the Appledore Pirates.
Here's to another 40 Years, Cheers!
Why don't you join us and make a difference.

Following the nostalgic look back the Appledore Pirates followed on with an evening plundered with gold (chocolate yum yum!) coins, cake, a fine band and tankards of merriment.