Appledore Pirates

Appledore has always lead the way with charitable fund raising for good causes and the Appledore Pirates is one of the unique organisations established to bring together the communities from far and wide into a common purpose.

The Appledore Pirates Start in 1971 as a not-for-profit organisation by a group of like minded Villagers in Appledore who gathered together to do a few things around the Village helping folks out. The support for folk developed further and soon the group were undertaking the running the Appledore Carnival, which had for some years years been run by the Appledore & Instow Regatta and Independent Committee of Appledore Villagers. Over the years new events and activities were added to the Appledore Pirates Calendar including a Torchlight Procession at Christmas, Grand Prize Draw and other events and activities.

There have been many Supporters, Contributors and Volunteers to the Appledore Pirates over the years. Some offering money, equipment or just simply helping out at Events and Activities. The support that the Appledore Pirates continue to receive today is testament to the strength of the Village of Appledore and its people.

Some of the locals are recounted below with this early Appledore Pirates picture from December 1975.
Eric Scilly - Letter H
Ron Le Mesurier - Letter A
Peter Cox - with Letter P
Bart Leslie - Letter P
Desmond Cox - Letter Y
Jacksie Cranmer - Letter X
Steve Bowden - Letter M
? - Letter A
Eric wartnaby - Letter S

Tony Bennett (Pony) - Between H & A 
Ding Dong Bell - Behind S 
Grumpy Drayton - Behind P