Sunday 19th August 2018
Carnival Day in Appledore is a very special day not only for Appledore & Visitors but also the build up commencing with the Carnival Queen Disco held a few weeks before.

The Appledore Carnival is held during the afternoon, with the Carnival Party hosted in the evening at Appledore Social Club
with Live Music & Food with the Grand Prize Draw.

The Appledore Carnival is a major event for Appledore with the first Carnival held
on 28th October 1903.

The center of attention at the Appledore Carnival is the Carnival Queen and Her Attendants and we look forward to her appointment.

Everyone is welcome to enter and support the Carnival
and we look forward to seeing you there!
This time honoured tradition in Appledore never disappoints with the variety of costumes, floats and companies looking to promote themselves, a cause or a business whilst enjoying the whole event and atmosphere making for a really enjoyable afternoon.

The Carnival assembles along Staddon Road, Appledore at 3:00pm, judging is at 3:30pm and the Carnival sets off at 4:00pm and follows an established route from the top of Appledore down to the Quay towards St Mary's Church along Torridge Road turning right into Jubilee Road and then back along Irsha Street (the wrong way) and finishing at the end of Irsha Street near St Mary's Church, Appledore.
Appledore Pirates Committee appoint Judges.
Entrants can enter any Class listed below or just enter the Carnival for a bit of fun.
The Classes Judged are:
Class 1: Walking Junior, Under 6 Years Old
Class 2: Walking Junior, 6-16 Years Old
Class 3: Walking Senior, Over 16's
Class 4: Family
Class 5: Public House
Class 6: Junior Tableaux, 0-16 Years Old
Class 7: Senior Tableaux, Over 16's
Class 8: Performing arts
Class 9: Champion of Champions (Overall Winners of Day)

The Appledore Carnival attracts entrants from all ages, decked out in a variety of very creative, home made costumes which is great fun to see and is supported by the whole Village and the Police to manage traffic.
The Carnival Queen and Her Attendants are appointed at the Carnival Queen Disco held by the Appledore Pirates where selected Judges will make their appointments.
 Everyone is welcome to come along and support the Carnival Queen Disco.
We do appreciate parents staying on during the Carnival Queen Disco.
Appledore Pirates are not responsible for the children.

Appledore Carnival Party
After the Appledore Carnival the Appledore Pirates host the Appledore Carnival Party at the Appledore Social Club and everyone is welcome to come along after the Carnival.
A Grand Prize Draw with the lucky winners drawn at the Appledore Carnival Party
 with fantastic prizes on offer.

Tickets can be purchased for £1 each during the Carnival.
So have your £1 or more ready for tickets.

The Appledore Carnival is open to everyone.
If you would like to enter the Appledore Carnival on foot or float
and have fun, represent your organisation or to advertise,
please contact Pirate Secretary

Please see 2015 EVENTS CALENDAR for Dates, Locations and Times of the Appledore Carnival Disco and Appledore Carnival.