At Appledore Social Club
13th August 2017
Starts soon after the Carnival, about 5pm

Appledore Pirates hosts the Appledore Carnival Party every year to raise funds for the community. Its a fantastic way for everyone to enjoy the Appledore Carnival atmosphere late afternoon/evening with... 
Live Music
Bell and The Boys 

Grand Prize Draw
To be drawn at 7pm

Tickets go on sale in May 2017,
until 6pm on Carnival Party night 13th August 2017,
when the tickets will be drawn... good luck!
Food available at Appledore Social Club 
Appledore Pirates will also be providing food!
So jump in and grab a bite to eat and enjoy the music!

Samba Band, Majorettes & Belly Dancers Displays
This year's sees a fabulous display by the Samba Band, Majorettes & Belly Dancers.