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Appledore has always lead the way with charitable fund raising for good causes and the Appledore Pirates is one of the unique organisations established in 1971 to bring together the communities from far and wide into a common purpose in Appledore though events which everyone is encouraged to take part, support and have fun.

Our Organisation is made up of local people in Appledore, Devon who are all Volunteers giving their time generously for preparation, organisation, fund raising and the event or activity itself to ensure that as much money is raised as possible.


The Appledore Pirates 'Motley Crew'

Sadly we have lost both Roy and Mary Dunn last year both at the grand age of 95.
We lost Roy in May 2014 and Mary in Dec 2014.

Both Mary and Roy joined the Appledore Pirates some 20 years ago and Mary carried on till the end laying the remembrance wreath in Nov 2014 for us and coming to the Appledore Pirates O.A.P,s Xmas Dinner.

The pirates have had 2 benches put at Appledore Village Green (backfield to locals) with a plaque on each one to remember them and all their work they did with the Pirates and in the village.

Lovely photo above of Mary accepting Roy's plaque for one of the benches in the Summer 2014,
with the Motley Crew on watch!

Always in our memory, Mary and Roy Dunn.


Rachel Bailey

Life President
John Cole

Terry Bailey
01237 479135

Betty Ford
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