Welcome to the Appledore Pirates Gallery

We've endeavoured to capture all the best bits during our events and activities, but if you've got any brilliant photos of the Appledore Pirates Events we'll be very pleased to display them.
Please send photos to the Pirate Secretary.

Appledore Carnival is a very colourful event with many entrants making the best of the fine weather and indeed their outfits! There were surprise outfits and costumes which for the Appledore Pirates Carnivals is quite normal, with performers and a large crowd streaming down from the top of appledore and along Appledore Quay, making this event very memorable and a brilliant afternoon!

Well done everyone !!

Appledore Carnival 2013 PT1

2012 Appledore Carnival

Appledore Carnival 2013 PT2

Appledore Pirates Carnival 2011