During the Festive Period the Appledore Pirates put on a variety of events for everyone to take part and enjoy.

Christmas Bingo is the Grand Finale Bingo usual held during the first week of December and heralds the beginning of the Pirates Festive Activities.
Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner is for our Senior Citizens in Appledore at this special time of year where the Appledore Pirates put on a very traditional Christmas Dinner usually during the second week of December.
The tradition of giving the Senior Citizens of Appledore a Christmas Dinner start way back in when the Appledore Pirates were formed in 1971. The Appledore Pirates would go around Appledore Village and give to every Senior Citizen a basket of wood kindling, coal and a fresh chicken. By the late 1970's Appledore Shipbuilders offered the Appledore Pirates the use of their canteen to host the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner which continued for some years until sadly the Appledore Shipbuilders closed.

However the Appledore Pirates resolute as ever, then host the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner at
 the Elizabethan in Westward Ho! After many successful years hosting the Senior Citizen Christmas Dinners, the Pirates faced yet another challenge, diminishing funds. This was dark troubled times and the Appledore Pirates struggled for a couple of years providing Senior Citizens Christmas Dinners.  Not a 'motley crew' to be held back they instead gave all Senior Citizens a tin of biscuits or sweets. Eventually with continued persistence the Pensioners Christmas Dinner was restarted and moved to the Appledore Village Hall where they provided a buffet themselves. Going from strength to strength the Appledore Pirates now use caterers to provide a 3 course meal.

So as long as the Appledore Pirates can raise enough monies throughout the year the tradition of giving the Appledore Senior Citizens a Christmas Dinner will live on.

Torchlight Procession this is usually held during the third week in December. Children from Appledore Primary School will be making their very own Lanterns in their very own Lantern Workshop which they can carry during the procession.

Everyone gathers and parades through Appledore carrying Lanterns &
Torches with the Appledore Band & Father Christmas  leading the way towards St Mary's Church. A Service is held at St Mary's Church where everyone is very welcome and then its back to the Appledore Social Club for a more carols and sing along.